Finance and Economic Development Minister Mthuli Ncube days in office are now numbered after he clashed with ZANU PF MPs on Wednesday morning for sabotaging the party through his damaging policies.

The MPs were summoned for a caucus before they went to Parliament where Ncube was expected to make a presentation.

The party had gathered intelligence that the MPs intended to grill Ncube over the deteriorating economy as well as their welfare.

The Zimbabwe Independent spoke to a number of MPs who attended the caucus who revealed that the irate legislators took  Ncube to task over his austerity measures.

One of the MPs who spoke to the publication had this to say about Ncube:

The meeting turned chaotic as MPs confronted Ncube.

Some accused him of being a sellout and a traitor who had introduced policies that will cost the party in the next elections. He didn’t take that particular criticism lightly.

Instead of retreating, he stood up and launched counter-accusations against MPs and started banging tables in a fit of rage.

He insisted that the policies would work if they had the support of the party.

This further infuriated the MPs and the scene became dramatic as some started walking out, while others kept on locked in heated exchanges him.

In the end, Togarepi calmed down the situation and ended the meeting.