At least four people died and three others were seriously injured in a head on collision involving a BMW X5 and a Mercedes Benz C200 about 2km from Kariba Airport today.

The crash occurred on Sunday afternoon near Nyamhunga in the resort town and the BMW caught fire with bodies still trapped inside.

In a post on Twitter, permanent secretary in the Zimbabwe Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Nick Mangwana said the number of victims is yet to established.

He wrote:

A horrific accident in Kariba this afternoon is thought to have claimed a number of lives whose number is yet to be established. A BMW was involved in a fatal head on collisiion with a Mercedes Benz near Nyamhunga.The BMW caught fire with bodies still trapped inside. MTSRIP

The driver of the BMW X5 who was reportedly headed for Harare, died on the spot while the three occupants were seriously injured and taken to Kariba District Hospital.

The mangled body of the BMW had its bonnet compressed to the driver’s seat while the Benz had its engine detached and tossed about 10 metres from the vehicle.