A prominent Bulawayo businessman and his ex-wife allegedly hired bouncers on Monday to prevent a woman the couple sold a house to, from occupying the property.

The stage was set for an epic clash when the woman allegedly got her own crew of “muscle heads”, with Romney Park residents along Constable Street coming out to watch the drama unfold.

Some residents said they were disappointed when the hired muscle discovered they were friends and decided not to bash each other.

Dumisani Mutorera and his ex-wife Taisekwa Rosie Mtungwazi allegedly sold a three-bedroom house for US$36 500 to Duduzile Gumede in December but have allegedly refused to vacate the premises, claiming Ms Gumede still owes them an undisclosed balance.

Duduzile Gumede shows an agreement of sale

On Monday, Gumede brought some of her property to the house saying she had become impatient with Ms Mtungwazi who no longer wants to vacate her house while Mutorera does not stay there.

When a Chronicle news crew visited the house in the morning, Gumede and Mtungwazi had both gone to Queens Park Police Station.

A group of bouncers was flexing muscles and threatened the news crew.

Later, Ms Gumede returned to the house but Mtungwazi could not be located.

The bouncers that were allegedly hired by both parties said the situation became neutralised when they realised they were colleagues.

Gumede told the news crew that Mtungwazi has refused to leave the house since March.

“When I bought the house in December, I notified my landlord that I would be leaving the house at the end of March to occupy my new house. But I’ve tried in vain to occupy my house as Ms Mtungwazi has refused to entertain me. I have been forced to squat with my two children in one room yet I bought a house,” said Gumede.

She showed the news crew an agreement of sale between her and Mutorera, which she said was confirmed that she was the rightful owner of the Romney Park house.

Duduzile Gumede’s property outside the house

Gumede said Mtungwazi tried to get her arrested for forcibly entering the yard, but police cleared her as they saw the papers confirming that she owned the property.

“After making full payment for the house in December, Mutorera accused me of giving him US$2 500 counterfeit notes. I engaged my lawyer who advised me that I should just pay the money as he was a difficult person and I would spend my days in court contesting the issue and end up losing both my money and the house. I grudgingly looked for the money and paid it. I didn’t expect that I would have to stay this long without occupying my house,” she said.

“He didn’t even return the said counterfeit notes, and even today the police asked why he didn’t report that I had given him such notes. So, I’ve decided to not just put my property in the yard, I will not go inside the house, lest they claim that there is a certain amount that they have lost due to my presence in the house.”

Contacted for comment, Mtungwazi said she did not know anything about the case. “Who are you? Call the owners, I don’t know anything. You called a wrong number,” said Mtungwazi.

Mutorera said his ex-wife was not vacating the house as Gumede has not paid him in full.

“I don’t stay in that house they just like talking about me. The person who stays in that house is my ex-wife. The house used to be mine, so all I want is my money. I gave them options that if they cannot pay my money they should go to their lawyers and reverse the deal. I’m being owed a lot of money. I’m not sure the exact figures, but it could be US$5 500, I would need to check on my papers,” said Mutorera.

He said Ms Gumede has taken the matter to court and he does not understand why she does not wait for due processes to be completed.

He hung up without specifying the processes.