A Bikita man Kudakwashe Ocram Magaya Mushayi (37) was discovered dead under mysterious circumstances near the Save River, with reports suggesting a sexual encounter may have led to his untimely demise.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police are currently investigating the incident, with preliminary findings pointing to an unusual sequence of events.

According to a police memo released on the 25th of February 2024, the informant stumbled upon the lifeless body at around 1500 hours while en route to his garden. Upon returning to the same location at 1800 hours, the body remained on the ground, showing no signs of life. The Birchenough Bridge police post was alerted around 1830 hours, and authorities were quick to attend the scene.

The deceased, a male adult, was found lying face down with his grey shorts halfway lifted. His attire included a black vest, grey shorts with the label “Lakers 23,” a yellow floral shirt, a blue pant, and white shoes. A black wallet containing US$1, ZWL$1,100, a brown bazooka radio, and a blue towel were discovered at the scene. Additionally, the deceased had a black power bank and an H mobile cellphone in his right pocket.

Initial investigations revealed that the deceased, whose identity has not been disclosed, had encountered Gracious Priscah Maruta, a 17-year-old resident of Kona clinic village Chief Musikavanhu, Chipinge. Maruta was searching for her boyfriend, Webster Nkomonde, at Birchenough Bridge and sought assistance from the now deceased, a tout at Musharu, Birchenough Bridge Business Centre.

According to Maruta’s account, she shared her transportation challenges with the deceased, who then offered to pay her bus fare in exchange for sexual favors. The deceased reportedly paid three dollars to Peter Tafirenyika, the probox driver, for the agreed-upon transaction. The duo boarded the probox and engaged in sexual intercourse near Birchenough Bridge Hotel, during which the deceased collapsed and became unconscious.

Maruta, in a state of panic, attempted to revive the now deceased but received no response. Fearing the consequences, she left the unconscious man and returned to Musharu Bus Terminus, where she later met her boyfriend.

Upon further investigation, no foreign objects were found at the scene, and Maruta, the last person to see the deceased alive, was brought in for an interview. She led the police to the location where the sexual encounter occurred, confirming the events that transpired before the man’s collapse.

The deceased’s body is currently at Birchenough Bridge Hospital Mortuary as authorities continue their inquiries into the circumstances surrounding this perplexing incident. The community awaits further updates as the police work to unravel the mystery behind this untimely death.

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