Raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda, who is popularly known as Bev, has embarked on a nationwide tour aimed at empowering the girl child, conscientizing them about the importance of using their various talents to earn a living.

The tour is being bankrolled by Redcliff businessman Madron Matiza, known in showbiz circles as ‘Boss Madro’ or B.O.B International.

“I think it is important for the girl child to realize that all that a man can do, a woman can do better. Since time immemorial, girls have been viewed as the weaker sex and this particular tour is aimed at demystifying these myths,” said Bev after an energetic performance at Las Vegas Private Lounge in Redcliff last night.

On the turntables in Redcliff, MC Triple Gee a.k.a GaGaGa and MC Vasco kept revellers awake as they took turns to entertain the partying residents.Zwnews