Latest: Mugabe in desperate search for doctors as Chatunga falls sick, stomach pains

Bellarmine Chatunga Mugabe, Zimbabwe leader’s youngest son has been unwell due to suspected food poisoning, his father has said.

chatunga drinking, smoking and partying

Mugabe was very late for his scheduled appearance at Morris Deport where he was supposed to observe a police pass out parade for new graduates yesterday, 28 July, 2016.

Mugabe told reporters that his youngest son suddenly developed a stomach problem that forced him and wife Grace to run around Harare looking for specialist doctors.

“The boys eat, I don’t know what they eat which is wrong, that’s why I could not make it in time. I am sorry,” said Mugabe.

Mugabe should not expect any sympathy from locals as his family is known for taking long flights to Singapore  to treat minor ailements while  Zimbabweans die in thousands due to poor medical facilities in the country.