Latest News on Renamo rebels in Eastern Zimbabwe

Renamo bandits are taking advantage of Mozambican refugees fleeing into Manicaland and Lowveld Zimbabwe, a local Minister has warned.

As hundreds of asylum seekers cross the western border into eastern Zimbabwe, there are concerns that Renamo fighters are coming with them to look for money,food and clothing for Afonso Dlakhama’s fighters.

Shuvai Mahofa, Zimbabwe’s State Minister for Masvingo Province advised people in the Lowveld to be careful when they employ people running away from war in Mozambique as some of them are actually Renamo rebels pretending to be refugees.

Mozambicans are said to be fleeing civil war in their country and ending up in the Lowveld and Manicaland.
Mahofa said that there should be proper security checks as Renamo fighters  might disguise themselves as if they are looking for employment while looking for food and clothes to feed their colleagues in war.

“Many of those people are genuine refugees but there is a worry that Renamo bandits might take that opportunity to come into the country searching for supplies. I urge sugarcane farmers not to employ such people since they may end up stealing from them. Security vetting should be undertaken first before employing them,” said Mahofa.

Chipinge is one of the most affected areas with over 300 refugee families most of whom have relatives in areas like Garahwa, Mabeye, Mupungu and Hwakwata flocking back due to the ongoing Renamo war in Mozambique.

Last month we reported about the issue of Renamo bandits causing havoc in Eastern Highlands Zimbabwe. There is no official response yet of how the Zimbabwe Army is dealing with the rebel menacy though it is believed there are some operations going on already