PLUMTREE: Gold worth about $1 million has mysteriously vanished from an armoury at Plumtree Police Station in Matabeleland South in what is arguably the biggest theft at a police station in the country.

The gold weighing 28,5kg was being kept as an exhibit at the station since September 2015.

Sources at the station said the total value of the stolen gold is $970 000 and nothing was recovered.

The gold was being kept at the police station after Border Control and Minerals Unit police officers seized it at Plumtree Border Post from a man who had tried to smuggle it into Botswana.

The gold was seized from a suspect identified as Pudohope James Rove who had hidden it in a secret compartment in his vehicle’s loading box.

Yesterday, police sources revealed that an officer from Plumtree Police Station had vanished and there were suspicions that his disappearance is linked to the missing gold.