Babes Wodumo promises to help the family members of her late husband, Mampintsha after burying her husband and mother-in-law, Zama Gumede in a space of one month.

Speaking at Zama’s funeral service, the singer says she paid the bills for the event in other to send her mother-in-law off properly.

“I didn’t do this to show off but wanted to make sure that my mother-in-law gets a dignified funeral. We had our differences but in the end we always made peace. We understood each other. I loved her and I’m glad we made peace,” the Wololo hitmaker said.

She further vowed to take care of her late husband’s family.

“Today I want to assure you that you will never go hungry when I’m still around. I will be your pillar of strength, you have a sister in me. If you need anything please call me and if you cannot get hold of me do not hesitate to come to my house at Westville. I am prepared to pay for a metered taxi,” said Babes at the podium.

Babes Wodumo’s mom who was also at the funeral service spoke well of the deceased.

“Zamanguni and I are inlaws. My daughter, Babes is married to her son, Mampintsha. Most people don’t know that we had a good relationship but today I want people to know that we had a good relationship with her. There was no dull moment around her.”

Babes Wodumo on why she danced at Mampintsha’s mother funeral

Why she danced next to Mampintsha’s mother’s coffin

Gqom queen, Babes Wodumo saw herself trending for all the wrong reasons again after multiple video clips of her dancing at her mother-in-law’s funeral. When she did the exact same thing at her husband, Mampintsha’s funeral, more people were defending her than criticised her. However, now she was seen as someone seeking attention.

Those videos of her mama kaSponge dancing and twerking at Zamanguni Gumede‘s funeral service, got her trending all over social media. For some, they saw it as disrespect while others saw it as someone celebrating during a sad occasion.

Speaking to Drum, Babes said she danced to celebrate her late mother, “I wasn’t doing this to show off or that I want the media to paint me in a good light. This woman lying here is also my mother, she gave birth to my husband. So God has taught me the ministry of forgiveness and I’ve done that.”

The late Shimora’s mother ZamaNguni Gumede passed away on Sunday, 15 January 2023 at the Wentworth Hospital at the age of 64. Zama was then laid to rest on Saturday, 21 January, a few weeks after she buried her son Mampintsha.