KURIPWA KUGARA Pepukai Zvemhari, popularly known as Baba Tencen, has denied reports that he was involved in fraudulent activities in South Africa.

This follows social media rumours that the comedian was part of a syndicate involved in duping Zimbabwean immigrants on the pretext of assisting them to have their passports stamped at the border to extend their stay in South Africa. Speaking about his arrest by SAPS, he said:

The police found me without a passport at hand I had my passport copy and my driver’s license that’s why I got arrested and they took my passport to home Affairs to verify if it was due and to check if I had a valid permit.

… The police and I were laughing about how some Zimbabweans behave as compared to some foreigners, Zimbos here are too stupid, they spread falsehoods against each other and they don’t mind their own business.

Baba Tencen said that he has learned a local language and is now fluent in Tsonga.

He added that he now associates with South Africans rather than Zimbabweans because they [South Africans] do not poke their noses into one’s private affairs.

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