By Stanley Goreraza: Ian Smith and his racist white government had real sanctions slapped on them by their kith and kin. Smith did not weep and wail so loudly like we hear from the current black oppressive regime. Smith rode out the sanctions with the Rhodesian economy getting shaken but remaining primarily strong.

The Zimbabwean economy began sliding downwards during the late eighties, getting worse in the nineties with the price of basic commodities sky rocketing and the shrinking economy resulting in redundancies and retrenchments with hundreds of thousands losing their jobs and factories closing down.

All this was way before the human rights violating Zanupf regime had sanctions placed on their individual selves.

The economic situation in Zimbabwe was worsened by the disruptive and violent land reform which resulted in Zimbabwe unable to grow its own food. Foreign businesses were threatened by Mr Mugabe, Mnangagwa and others in Zanupf which scared investors and saw the relocation of a lot of Zimbabwean companies to South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia and Namibia which benefited from the chaos in Zimbabwe.


s goreraza