Exiled former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo says he stands by his word that parties without known structures should not take part in electoral processes.

“I stand by my view that political parties in Zim should be registered & any with no constitution & no formal structures should not be allowed to contest an election for public office.

“It’s a no brainer. I take no responsibility for what anyone does or does not do with my opinion,” he says.

Moyo says as educated as he is,

“As a student of politics trained at the highest levels of learning in the US, and with my university teaching background and practical experience in politics, I would never advise any political leader or party to setup shop with no constitution and no structures. It is childish.”

He adds:

“There is just nowhere in the world, let alone in constitutional democracies, where a political party or “movement” without a constitution and without formal structures can contest an election. Not in SA, not in US, not in UK and not in Zambia. It is childish to expect it in Zim!”

Meanwhile, Moyo is on record saying parties like the Nelson Chamisa led Citizens Coalition for Change should not contest elections because it doesn’t have structures.