In a thinly-veiled reference to the Nelson Chamisa-led opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party, Zimbabwe Defense Minister, Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri has boldly declared that the landlocked southern African nation will never be ruled by a Government that serves the interests of the West.

Muchinguri’s remarks concord with the long-ruling Zanu PF party’s perennial stance that the opposition has been working hand-in-gloves with the West to effect regime change in the country.

In typical Zanu PF rhetoric that reminds many of the previous political administration under late dictator, Robert Mugabe, Muchinguri said there was no way Zimbabwe’s erstwhile colonisers were going to impose a ‘puppet government’ on the 15 million nation.

“Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans,” Muchinguri declared on her official Twitter handle.

A veteran of the country’s struggle for independence from British colonial conquest, the Defence Minister also added, saying:

“… Only Zimbabweans can determine who shall rule over them. No Western Imperialists shall ever impose a puppet government on our great nation.”

Her remarks left Twitter users talking and, below, we publish some of the responses to Minister Muchinguri’s post.

“I can tell you right now Zanupf are beholden to other countries. They have sold Zimbabwe for personal gain and trinkets. No one is interested in Zimbabwe. This is made up propaganda that is now getting old & worn out at 42 years. Old slogans betray your age,” @RebuildZimbabwe

If you think that only Zanu PF members are Zimbabweans then your life is doomed. In fact, Zanu PF has become a renegade maffia organisation which only exixts to magnify the suffering of the people of Zimbabwe. Times change and at this moment most Zimbabweans want the CCC.- @dgaphu

Haiwa just shut up magogo. Muri kutengesera nyika kumaChinese. 42 years after independence you still mourn about colonisers. Moita kunge Zim was not the only country to be colonised. You’ve failed your own people. This type of propaganda worked with our parents.- @rvheriwa