Posted by J Mawarire spokesperson of the National Patriotic Front (NPF):

It is wrong to say the Generals had a press conference, it was Mnangagwa, through his Lacoste faction, fronted by Kazembe Kazembe, who held the press conference in front of visibly mute, disinterested & tethered army generals, who, themselves, are unhappy with rampant looting of national resources by Mnangagwa, his children & their criminal associates.

The body language of those generals at the presser give credence to public whispers that the top army officials are unhappy with these coup claims initially sold by Mthuli Ncube, to IMF, the World Bank and the United States.

I don’t believe if Mnangagwa was suspicious that his army was planning a coup, as divulged in Minister Mthuli Ncube’s IMF letter, which is now public, it was strategic to humiliate the generals by calling them to a press conference where the same issue was to be discussed by a civilian, worse still, a very junior minister in ED’s administration.

That’s not how a Commander-in-chief who has issues with his generals should behave. I can assure u that even if those generals had no intentions of making a coup, after the public humiliation on Wed, one will be forgiven 2 believe they might be thinking of one now more than ever.

Source: Mawarire