Teacher-cum-trade-unionist, Robson Chere, who is a rabid critic of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ‘New Dispensation’ is alleged to have been forcibly posted to an ‘unfavorable school’ as a form of punishment for his brazen opposition to the appalling misgovernance under the Zanu PF regime, Zwnews has heard.
The incumbent Amalgamated Rural Teachers’Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) Secretary General was recently assaulted by unknown assailants as the Zanu PF regime continues with its vicious clampdown on rising dissent. The unnamed school where Chembe has controversially been transferred to has also been likened to a ‘correctional service’ institution.
ARTUZ President Obert Masaraure made the confirmation on Twitter when he posted a photograph of Chere and his new pupils captioned:
“The (Government) forcibly transfered our SG to this school as punishment for misconduct. To (the Public Service Commission), this school is some correctional facility.

Our SG knows that these kids deserve quality education like everyone else. He teaches with a passion regardless of infrastructure deficits”.
Zimbabwean teachers continue to operate under the most difficult circumstances and, despite amplified calls for the Government to address their grievances, Harare is yet to take a step in that particular direction.
Teachers in the landlocked southern African country earn an equivalence of as little as $30 a month.