President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has capped his wife Auxillia with an honorary doctorate at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ).

President Mnangagwa who is the Chancellor of all state universities conferred his wife with Honorary Doctor of Laws (Honoris Causa) at the UZ.

Apparently, this comes after a similar scenario happened to former first lady Grace Mugabe, though she was allegedly given a ‘fake’ qualification.

In 2018, the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption (ZACC) investigators arrested a UZ professor over the suspected fraudulent awarding of a doctorate to former first lady Grace Mugabe.

Levi Nyagura, the vice chancellor of UZ, was arrested by ZACC following an investigation into the PhD.

It emerged that Grace was awarded the degree by the university in 2014 after just months of study.

Doctorates typically require several years of full-time research and writing.

“Nyagura has been arrested. We cannot have people who award fake degrees,” Goodson Nguni, a ZACC commissioner told AFP over the telephone.

The professor was charged with abuse of office.