The Zimbabwe Republic Police wish to thank the public for their patience and space which allowed the Police to conduct investigations into the alleged death of Memory Machaya at Mafararikwa Village, Marange while giving birth in July 2021.

The Police has indeed conducted comprehensive investigations culminating in the arrest of Hatirarami Momberume (26) alias Evans Momberume.

The minor who died, in this case, is Anna Machaya, born on 5th July 2006 and not Memory Machaya born on 2nd January 1999.

It is correct that Anna Machaya died on 15th July 2021 and was buried at the shrine after experiencing complications while giving birth.

The police are also pressing criminal charges against Anna Machaya’s father, Edmore Machaya (45) and mother Shy Mabika (36) for obstructing or defeating the course of justice. The parents openly lied to the Police that Anna Machaya was born on 2nd January 1999.

The mother went on to give Police investigators a national identity card in a bid to prove that she was born on 2nd January 1999. This was false.

Investigations have revealed that the identity card produced to the police belonged to a namesake of the late minor who is a daughter of Ernest Machaya. This is an uncle to the late Anna Machaya.

It is through school records in Mhondoro that the Police actually proved that the late Anna Machaya was born on 5th July 2006 to Edmore Machaya and Shy Mabika.

The Police has obtained the correct birth certificate copies in respect of Memory Machaya (22) and the late Anna Machaya (15). These are two different people with different mothers and fathers.

Memory Machaya is alive and currently married to Lameck Makonye alias Sigodhla (54) in Mhondoro.

Hatirarami Momberume is facing charges of rape or alternatively contravening section 70 of the Code.

The late Anna Machaya’s parents will face charges of pledging a minor after trying to hand over another minor aged nine years to the suspect.

Investigations are in progress with a view of unravelling all the facts in this case.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police urges all Zimbabweans to be law-abiding citizens and engage in lawful activities.

Anyone who tries to interfere with Police investigations will face the full wrath of the law.

(NYATHI. P) Assistant Commissioner
Senior Staff Officer (Press, Public and Int. Relations)
to the Commissioner-General of Police
Police General Headquarters