Former deputy prime minister of Zimbabwe, Arthur Mutambara has lashed out at President Emmerson Mngagagwa’s dictatorial tendencies of trying to consolidate power, saying Zimbabweans must stand their ground and stop him.

Mutambara says only Zimbabweans, standing in one corner can defeat the ongoing efforts by Mnangagwa to mutilate the Constitution through Amendment (No.2) so that he can consolidate power.

He proposes the following ways of stopping the Bill 1) Efforts must be mounted in Senate, 2) The launched legal challenge in court must be supported & buttressed, 3) Public awareness & mobilisation must be stepped up, 4) Lies about benefits (women, youth, devolution) must be exposed.

Mutambara believes the Constitution Amendment (No 2) Bill is ED’s strategy for rigging the 2023 elections.

He adds that these have been used by dictators: “Tried & tested authoritarian methods: rig with impunity, pliant judiciary, weaponisation of law, naked repression, harassment & co-optation of opposition, patronage, tribalism & clansmenship:

Mutambara questions as to why the Bill rushed through the Lower House on 20 April, and also as to why ED wants to remove running mate clause, and Mutambara requests for history of the provision.

He also questions as to why ED wants to remove public interviews for judges and opt for hand picking.