Charles Mabhena

When former United States of America president Barack Obama came into power in 2008, Africa had great hopes, not only because he was black but also because he had preached hope and coexistence throughout his campaign.

His message promoted the coexistence of all races in the US; “There is no a white America, a black American, a Latino American, an Asian American, there is the United States of America.”

As history has it, he is out of the White House now, and now comes in Donald Trump who preached completely the opposite, hatred, intolerance, and racism.

While the world is yet to have his official foreign policy, he has already made it clear that what he preached is what is going to happen.

Recently he signed immigration and wall construction orders that seek to bar immigrants from entering into the US, while there have been protests over it, he reportedly ordered that a border wall be constructed, amid the beefing up of patrol forces to increase deportations.

To make the matter trick, Trump told Americans that Mexico should pay for the wall he is keen to build.

Meanwhile, Africa and the world have reacted angrily from his actions. Former African Union commission chair Nkosazana Zuma before she left the chair recently told the heads of states at the just ended AU Summit in Ethiopia, that the move by Trump heralds turbulent times for the continent.

The move was also criticised by many, including officials in France, Germany, UK, and others who claimed they don’t support Trump’s school of thought. The business community also has registered its displeasure.

Tim Cook, Apple Chief Executive Officer was quoted as having said; “Apple would not exist without immigrants, let alone thrive and innovate the way we do.”

Apple is one of the world’s technology giant.

Meanwhile, a political scientist, Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya says US should understand the global village dynamics and the treatment of others with respect.

“President Trump should appreciate that freedom of expression is a peremptory of international law; targeting Muslims is repugnant.

Securing your borders through discriminatory policies while you expect to do business with other nations is oxymoronic Mr Trump,” he says.

Trump has promised to reverse some of the policies by the previous administration, and he seems determined to do so. The new system and order have just begun.