Vengeful Mugabe police persue Flag  Pastor over UN humiliation

Zimbabwe activist Evan Mawarire is facing charges over his confrontation with Mugabe in the United States during a United Nations summit held last year in 2016.

Mawarire appeared in anti-Mugabe New York demonstrations that were also attended by a number of prominent Zimbabweans including Patson Dzamara and exiled Chimurenga singer Thomas Mapfumo.

Mugabe returned home a furious person and told reporters that he was embarrassed by this flag demonstrations.

Addressing scores of supporters at the Harare International Airport on his return home from the UN, Mugabe described the US protests as a  “great shame’ he had ever seen.

Speaking in Shona Mugabe told reporters that  he was  the only head of state to suffer this sort of humiliation

Meanwhile, it now appears that Mawarire has a lot to deal with before he can resume activism.

According to a police document pictured below, Mawarire faces a number of other charges as well including his involvement in demonstrations that crippled Zimbabwe last year.