Exiled former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo says the disruption of a Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) press conference by suspected ZANU PF thugs was staged.

Moyo says the ease at which the alleged thugs dismantled CCC banners shows that the action was stage-managed.

“My take: The ease and coolness with which the guys on the video are dismantling the CCC banner, vasingakendeki, leaves a distinct and settled impression that they either are the ones who had mounted the banner in the first place; or they were sent to do it as an inhouse stunt,” he says.

Moyo also challenges CCC to prove how they identified the thugs as ZANU PF members.

“Suspected ZanuPF youths disrupt CCC media briefing”, says

“Question Of The Day
What is a suspected ZanuPF youth, and how is one identified,” asks Moyo.

Suspected ZANU PF thugs yesterday besieged the Media Center and disrupted CCC press conference.

Riot police were even called in to manage the situation, however it is alleged they did nothing and no one was arrested.

CCC officials have to escape using the back entrance as the alleged thugs manned the main entrance.