What’s hot in marketing today? Today we will give you 6 marketing trends you should know about before starting paid or organic campaigns.

Data analysis becomes a game changer

In the Corona situation, many companies with creative ideas have found ad hoc solutions. But now it is important to consolidate these into a solid data strategy. Because only if data is systematically collected, condensed and analysed can we react precisely to the needs of customers. The necessary tools for measuring the customer and for optimal customer approach are there and will make the difference.

Final breakthrough for podcasts

The medium of podcasts is not yet saturated. The number of listeners continues to grow, as does the success for the providers. In 2021 we will see some people who become income millionaires with podcasts.

Alternatives to advertising cookies

Nobody doubts that an online world without third-party cookies will come our way. New solutions for assigning and recognizing users are hotly debated. First-party cookies and zero-party cookies, i.e. data that users voluntarily share, are gaining importance – and for this they need incentives. Identity solutions such as ‘cross-device’ or ‘household graphs’ are also on the advance. They operationalize identifiers and the associated data as an important infrastructure component for central campaign control mechanisms such as targeting and frequency capping. Another alternative to cookies is server-side tracking.

Social media is becoming more important – and different.

By restricting cookies, walled gardens also benefit, including Facebook. However, there are some question marks hanging over the latter: As a big player, Facebook is increasingly regulated by politics. The call to boycott #StopHateforProfit and the dispute with Apple have also attacked the social network. On the other hand, there is a breath of fresh air with smaller platforms: Pinterest, Snapchat and Tiktok offer interesting target groups and are the place where creative marketing formats are emerging this year.

Print continues to thin out

Printed advertising continues to decline, 2020 even saw the end of the Ikea catalogue. Customers are online, they only need the haptic experience of paper in a few selected media. The interest in sustainability and trends such as minimalism also help to move the advertising budget further away from print products.

Multichannel marketing

The marketing world has become much more fragmented with various sub-target groups, different approaches and social media platforms. Playing the different formats with virtuosity is the high art: One and the same action is pushed through the channels and closely networked with one another in order to further increase the effectiveness of the budget allocation. Be it social media, Google My Business, Instagram Stories, getting popular on YouTube or video ads. There is no longer any thought in silos, but a cross-channel approach.


Online marketing will move a little further and also become more data-driven. You will get deeper insights into this and other topics of digital conference that could be found on YouTube for instance. You will find out what’s new product, new industry, tech trends and life in the digital society mean for you and your business in presentations.