Former Regency Group of Hotels director, Dr Fredrick Kasese had the weirdest of guests at his staff quarters in Morningside in Masvingo today.

A 3,8 meter long black mamba entered the one-roomed quarter and curled itself on an empty sack. Two guards making morning inspections on the rooms were disturbed by a sudden movement in the room when they opened the door.

The aggressive reptile made a swift movement and perched itself along a gable in the roof ready to strike. The guards banged the door and scurried to safety.

They came back with Dr Kasese who armed himself with a 22 Hornet gun.

“There are plenty of snakes here, some bigger than this one. We live in harmony but they become dangerous once they get into houses like this and the only option is to kill it,” said Dr Kasese.

Dr Kasese who has created an ecosystem for wildlife around his plot and understands animals a lot knew where to shoot the snake. He hit the area just above its tail which gives it the power to move.

“It dropped onto the floor and started attacking anything it could but it had no movement because it had been immobilised by the first bullet. We moved out to safety and allowed it to bleed for five minutes. We came back when it was now very weak and I released a second bullet into its head and finished it off,” said Dr Kasese.

The snake was then burnt.

“We had to burn it because snakes usually move in pairs. When a snake is burnt it produces a scent that drives away other snakes and our aim was to drive away the other snake which should have been in the environs of the homestead,” said Dr Kasese.

He said the place around his home has a python that has so far devoured five of his dogs, crocodiles and hippos in the nearby Shakashe River and many other animals.