Peter Munyanduri, who was a New Patriotic Front presidential candidate in 2018, is now vying to be a Member of Parliament on a Democratic Officials Party ticket in Chinhoyi.

Munyanduri filed his nomination papers today.

In 2018, he memorably promised Zimbabweans milk, eggs and bacon.

“If NPF manages to come into power, it will strive to provide the following: extend/improve life expectancy through (a) 100 percent access to free and quality medical/ health care for every citizen in need (b) 100 percent access to a balanced diet to all citizens and food on the table for every Zimbabwean, at least an egg, beacon and milk for every breakfast,” he said at the time.

Munyanduri also promised to nationalise public and private firms.

“We want to nationalise all indigenised and privatised companies to ensure all companies are owned by all Zimbabweans and not just a few as promoted by the Zanu-PF indigenisation policy,” said Munyanduri in the election manifesto then.