Photos of 2 Zim maids murdered by South African boss

TWO domestic workers were allegedly murdered by their employer in South Africa and their bodies were found in two separate rooms at a plot.

The two domestic workers – only identified as Alice Tapiwa Chikohora, 41, and another lady – went missing on July 16 this year and were found dead on Saturday morning last week in Randfontein, South Africa.

The murder case came to light after the wife of the alleged murderer made a report to the police.

Her husband was behaving strangely when asked the whereabouts of the two maids who used to provide household services to this white family.

H-Metro is in possession of the last audio Alice Tapiwa sent to one of her friends after becoming suspicious of the ’employer’s’ shenanigans on the day she was last seen.

The mother to Alice Tapiwa narrated events leading to the death of her daughter:

“It is reported that on Monday last week the two were picked by a white man at a location where Zimbabweans mostly mill to market their services.

“Whilst my daughter was at the white man’s place she sent an audio to her other friend who had remained at the market telling her the white man’s abnormal behaviour after they arrived at his place.

“The audio was saying after they arrived at the white man’s place in Randfontein, he removed his clothes which he was wearing and wore a pair of shorts and a gown.”

Mai Mhuru said she was devastated and her daughter had left two children, a boy and a girl.

She added:

“The white man sent my daughter away to clean cars outside the house while he was left in the company of the other girl.

“After some minutes my daughter was then asked to go and buy milk at some shops which were far away and not the usual ones nearby according to the audio sent.

“What surprised my daughter is the strange actions the white man was doing since she was the only one who was assigned to do chores outside the house whilst her friend remained inside the house, and this is what led her to send an audio to her friend who had remained at the market.”

She said the two’s corpses were found some days at the man’s house after the wife of the alleged murderer reported to the police on suspicious actions of her husband.

“Previously, the wife of the murderer was ordered not to open two rooms at their house and this made her suspect that something was wrong.

“After reporting the matter, the police accompanied the woman to her house and forced open the two separate rooms and that’s were the two bodies were discovered dead and were taken to mortuary,” said Mai Mhuru.

Yesterday, relatives were waiting for postmortem in South Africa while the white man’s whereabouts were still unknown with the police launching a manhunt for him.