New evidence suggests that Thabo Bester, also known as the ‘Facebook rapist’ and convicted murderer, may have been planning to flee South Africa via the Zimbabwean border. The Citizen has obtained video footage of Dr. Nandipha Magudumana, who is one-half of South Africa’s most wanted couple, admitting to defaulting on a luxury car payment when confronted by a private investigator. The footage was taken two months before Bester’s prison escape and reveals that Magudumana had a partner responsible for the agreement that left her with significant debt, but she refuses to name them or discuss their relationship.

Since Bester’s escape from Mangaung Prison, where he was incarcerated from 2012 until last year, police have been working to unravel the complex web of scams and schemes surrounding him and his partner, including one involving a fake construction company that defrauded several people of millions of rands.

In a new twist to this sensational criminal case, The Citizen has uncovered baffling events that occurred just months before Bester’s prison escape was discovered. Dr. Nandipha Magudumana reportedly purchased a luxury vehicle from a Johannesburg dealership last year, drove it across the Zimbabwean border, and then inexplicably abandoned it there, leaving the dealership owner and private investigators puzzled. It is alleged that Thabo Bester’s lover, Dr. Nandipha, drove her R1.3 million car across the border and “abandoned” it there. The police are also investigating who is responsible for leaving her with R700k in debt for the car. The same automobile was abandoned on the border of Zimbabwe.

Moreover, it is alleged that Dr. Nandipha’s housekeeper is missing and that she could be buried in the yard of the house the couple shared. The police are reportedly still conducting investigations into her disappearance. Facebook rapist Thabo, who escaped prison by faking his death, is now the most wanted man in South Africa, together with Dr. Nandipha. The couple is currently untraceable as they have reportedly fled the country.