Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) president Nelson Chamisa says his administration will honour and reward the country’s security service.

He says the police, prison services, and the intelligence wings of the country should be saluted.

“We will honour, protect and work with all men and women in uniform. We will and must reward the patriotism and integrity of our security services.

“We salute our citizens security services- the citizens’ army, citizens’ police and citizens’ intelligence & prison services,” he says.

Chamisa says he is sure that nothing will stop from being Zimbabwe’s next leader.

“WHAT I SEE..I see victory. I see change. I see prosperity. I see freedom. I see dignity back. I see happiness. I see everything brand new.

“I see a New Great Zimbabwe! I see HIS hand and His word. Let’s join hands and make this beautiful country that best place. Prayer works!,” Says Chamisa.

Meanwhile, former cabinet minister Ignatius Chombo is on record saying Chamisa is too young to be saluted by the service chiefs.