ZANU-PF member Syberth Musengezi has warned President Emmerson Mnangagwa that the battle challenging his ascendancy to the throne is far from being over.

In the High Court case between President Mnangagwa and him, Musengezi is arguing that Mnangagwa was not properly elevated as ZANU-PF leader.

However, the President’s lawyers wrote to Musengezi’s lawyers asking their client to withdraw the court case.

Apparently, in response Musengezi is not backing down, but warns that battle has just started.

“A soccer match is played for 90mins, even more if the referee declares extra time.

“Highlanders can not ask Mushowani FC to leave the soccer pitch at 33 minutes 16 seconds just because the Highlanders head coach ‘thinks’ they’ll win the game using home advantage … to soccer fans,” he says.

Meanwhile, Musengezi recently claimed he was receiving threats for challenging Mnangagwa’s legitimacy.