Movement for Democratic Change-Alliance deputy chairperson, Job Sikhala says President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime wants to arrest him and expose him to coronavirus while in detention.

He says he has been informed of the plot and thought it fit to inform the nation.

“I have received information that the Mnangagwa regime wants to arrest me today for the offence which I don’t know.

“They are alleging that I undermined the authority of the police by Twitting about the kid allegedly assaulted by them,” he said.

Sikhala added that he has alerted his friends and relatives.

“I am gathering that after my arrest they want to expose me to Covid 19.

“If anything happens to me let it be known to Zimbabweans that I am Covid free as I speak,” said Sikhala.

He went on: “Few days ago I warned about the plot by the regime & they really want to arrest me for no apparent reason. Oppression.”