The High Court in Durban has dismissed the African National Congress (ANC)’s case against former President Jacob Zuma’s new party over the use of the uMkhonto weSizwe name and emblem, with costs awarded against the ANC.

Zuma’s new party, uMkhonto weSizwe, popularly known as MK, is contesting the South African general elections on May 29.

Apparently, MK was the armed wing of ANC, established in 1961 to fight against the apartheid regime in South Africa.

The name “uMkhonto weSizwe” translates to “Spear of the Nation” in isiZulu.

The formation of MK came in response to the limitations of nonviolent resistance methods used by the ANC, which were increasingly met with violent repression from the apartheid government.
The decision to form an armed wing was made at the ANC’s national conference in December 1960.

In 1994, MK soldiers were formally integrated into the South African National Defence Force as part of the country’s new democratic political order.

MK was officially disbanded, this marked the end of MK as an armed wing. The ANC argued that it owned the name and emblem.