What [ZRP] has been doing in blocking opposition rallies creates a danger for the ruling party.

While they may see it as a strategy to strangle [Nelson Chamisa], they have created an impression of the opposition as a victim to be pitied and supported.

The opposition has become, not another equal player to be judged on merit and ability but a victim of state power to be judged differently.

CCC has actually gained mileage through the abuse they have suffered and resultantly as we are going towards elections there are three issues to be wary of. The sympathy vote, protest vote and generational vote.

The abuse they have suffered has created sympathy for them within the political body as the electorate begins to empathise with what they have and are going through. That can translate into sympathy votes for them.

The protest vote is simply about the electorate expressing their discontent over the prevailing socio-economic situation through the ballot.

It’s about people seeking to try something new, disconsolate over a status quo that they feel is no longer responding to their needs.

The protest vote could also be from within the ruling party itself and those who feel they have not benefited after the entrance of the 2nd dispensation.

The generational gap relates to the demographics of the country’s huge young population both within and outside political parties.

The party that is able to accommodate and provide for the young people has an advantage. Already, ZANU PF has a problem in that area.

Temba Mliswa