Apply now to the Shoprite Group’s bursary program in the fields of accounting, food sciences, and information technology (IT) for the 2022 and 2023 academic years. Participants receive an opportunity to further their studies – and then go on to work for the African retailer.

About 1200 bursaries are offered to deserving students each year by Shoprite.  People who are driven towards success, those who enjoy challenges, and those who find retail/consumer exciting are the types of individuals they look for.  Shoprite has been assisting talented young people in realizing their dreams for more than 15 years.

Over the last few years, Shoprite has created 8500 jobs, benefiting the community while being the largest employer within the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) industry.  As one of the largest food retailers in Africa, Shoprite is committed to social responsibility, uplifting communities, and rewarding its employees.  Shoprite is committed to assisting the economy and making shopping affordable and affordable. Remember if you also applied for the NSFAS funding earlier in the year to check your nsfas status

About The Shoprite Bursaries 

In an environment of rapid innovation, IT students thrive because they are accustomed to solving complex problems.

The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants has accredited Shoprite as a training officer, and accounting clerks will participate in a small, hands-on articles program. In addition to receiving individual attention, students have a say in their rotation plan, and they are exposed to a variety of fields, such as purchasing, logistics, and information technology. Articling students can choose from three electives.

Fresh foods, product development, and fresh produce are available for students studying Food Sciences at Shoprite and Checkers.

In an increasingly competitive work environment, the experience gained through work-back agreements is invaluable.

The Shoprite bursary program is open to registered university students with a 65% or higher aggregate. 

There will be a bursary application period from 1 February to 30 April 2022 for IT, Accounting, and Food Sciences. Applications for retail business management, pharmacy, and supply chain bursaries will open in July 2022.

Who Can Apply For The Bursary? 

In addition to candidates from South Africa, Nigeria, Angola, Namibia, and Zambia are also eligible.  Since 2001, they have grown to provide more than 250 bursaries per year.  There are full study bursaries available through Shoprite, covering R35 000 up to R60 000 per year.  There are different amounts depending on the area of study and the vacation work.

What Are The Requirements For Applying For A Bursary?

Before applying, candidates must satisfy the following minimum requirements (failure to meet all needs will lead to your application not being considered):

Accounting (CA Stream – SAICA) Bursary:

  • South African citizenship is required
  • Minimum age of 27 is required
  • Matriculation is required
  • You must be enrolled in an accounting or business degree program
  • In 2022, you must be in your second, third, fourth, or honors year of study
  • 65% is the minimum overall average you must have achieved
  • Accounting, Auditing, and Taxation require a minimum score of 65%
  • Studying at an accredited and recognized tertiary institution in South Africa is a prerequisite

Food Science Bursary:

  • South African citizenship is required
  • A 27-year-old or younger applicant must apply
  • You must have completed Matriculation
  • A diploma or degree in Culinary Arts or related qualification in Hospitality Management or BSc Food Science is required.
  • In 2022, you must be in your second or third year of study
  • A minimum of 60% is needed on your overall average
  • Studying at an accredited and recognized tertiary institution in South Africa is a prerequisite

Information Technology/ Systems Bursary:

  • It is a requirement that you are a citizen of South Africa
  • Minimum age of 27 is required
  • Matriculation is required
  • If you are studying IT or systems analysis, you must have a BSc or BCom degree
  • You must be in your fourth or Honours year of study in 2022
  • An accredited and recognized tertiary institution must be located in South Africa

Data Science Bursary:

  • You must be a resident of South Africa
  • You need to be 27 years old or younger 
  • Must have completed Matric 
  • You must be pursuing a degree or postgraduate qualification in Data Science, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Operational Research, Industrial Engineering, and Quantitative Management (or a similarly quantitative degree).
  • The student must be in their second, third, or fourth year of study in 2022
  • A minimum 60% average is required
  • A minimum of 65% must be achieved in Mathematics (from the second year of study)
  • To qualify, you must be enrolled at an accredited and recognized tertiary institution in South Africa.

Please complete your application, including all relevant documentation, and submit a letter of conduct if you believe you are the ideal candidate.  This allows you to explain why you feel you deserve the bursary and why you are the right candidate.