The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has dismissed a social media post alleging that there has been an accident at the Statue of Mbuya Nehanda Corner Julius Nyerere and Samora Machel.

ZRP says the message is fake adding that the police are hunting those spreading this fake news.

“This is false. The police are now conducting investigations so that the law can take its course on those who are peddling fake news.

“The fake media post is dismissed with the contempt it deserves,” says ZRP.

This statement by police came after there has been social media reports alleging that Mbuya Nehanda statue had fallen after a lorry rammed into the posts supporting it.

One Twitter user had this to say:

“Mbuya Nehanda still stands , images circulating are from Mozambique Beira, secondly they won’t be so many people in town after 6:30.”

Another user posted:

“Don’t wish horrible things to this woman arere pachuru chakavakwa nesimbi dza @nematombo.

“She is the monumental symbol of the embodiment of strength and defiance against imperial incursions.”