There is news going rounds in some circles and social media to the effect that President Emmerson Mnangagwa will ban women from wearing trousers and mini skirts in public starting from Monday.

This rumour has been going for days now and Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information Publicity and Broadcasting Services Nick Mangwana has just added his voice on debate.

According to Mangwana women have long been wearing trousers in public even dating back to the time of the liberation struggle.

“Do you know that more than 40 years ago both ZANLA and ZIPRA Female combatants were already wearing trousers?

“This means their parties were already progressive in the ‘70s.

“Do you also know that all females in our uniformed services wear trousers?

“Please let us not be gullible,” he says.

Recently, Zimbabwe Observer reported that ZANU-PF was allegedly planning to present a Bill in Parliament to ban the wearing of trousers and mini skirts by women in public.

In a draft motion, ZANU-PF wanted to use its parliamentary majority to amend the constitution Article 17. (2) and Article 80. to be in line with the proposed Bill.

According to the proposed Bill it will be a criminal offence to wear mini skirts or trousers in public by any women aged 16years and above.

This Bill if passed into law means that female school student (above 16 years) uniforms will not include the banned dresses.

Mini skirts were classified to mean any dress which is of length above the knee and dress vents which they described as “uncultural and provocative”.

Apparently, should that be the case, it would not be possible for the President to ban trousers and mini skirts from Monday unless if Parliament has voted for the said Bill.

Bills can only be signed into law by the President after they sail through both Houses of Parliament.