Tinashe Zisengwe
Gweru: A man recently drank a poisonous pesticide after catching his 17-year-old wife in a compromising positing with a police officer at his homestead.

The man from Mtage Street in Senga Suburb, Gweru, was found dead after he drank a poisonous substance a few days back.

It is reported that he found his wife groaning and moaning on their bed with a police officer stationed at Gweru Central Police only identified as Sibanda.

He failed to stomach living with such memories and drank a poisonous substance resulting in his instant death.

The man was buried on Friday.

A well placed source said that the police officer would regularly do the act with the deceased’s wife.

The cat was let out of the sack after the man who was working as a Garden Boy in Southdowns, Gweru, caught the two in action after a tip off.

“This was not the first time Sibanda was caught. The landlord might have a hand as she covered up for the culprit at some point when the two were caught. She lied that Sibanda is her relative.

“Definitely the landlord was benefiting from the immorality, because the two would enjoy their quality time while the man was around,” said the source.