The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has announced the toll fees to be paid by vehicles using the just commissioned Kazungula Bridge.

ZRA was recently appointed the toll agents responsible for collecting transit revenue from those using the Bridge.

Meanwhile, the Bridge was originally meant to be a tri-nation project, involving Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana, however Zimbabwe declined to take part, amid reports that the country failed to raise the required funds.

This saw Zambia and Botswana redesigning the Bridge in a way that avoids Zimbabwe.

However, some time in 2018, President Emmerson Mnangagwa engaged his counterparts from Botswana and Zambia with intention to rejoin the project.

Speaking at the bridge’s commissioning today, President Mnangagwa indicated that Zimbabwe is still interested and will be part of the project which is set to be of economic value to the region.

Apparently, Zimbabwe is supposed to pay a third of the bridge’s total cost, and become part of the project.