The Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) has commended parliament for conducting public hearing for Independent Complaints Commission Bill, 2020, which seek to bring forth the establishment of Independent Complaints Commission to probe citizens complaints against the coutry’s security forces.

The hearings are being held across Zimbabwe will end on Friday, however, ZLHR has noted with concern that some clauses of the Bill may be prone to abuse by the Executive, especially the President.

“On Clause 6 of the Bill, which relates to the appointment of Chairperson of the Commission, we state that this provision is open to abuse as the President is given broad powers to freely appoint the Chair after & not in consultation with the JSC.

“The implication is the President is not bound to follow the advice of the JSC & may appoint whoever he/she desires without scrutiny,” says ZLHR.

The ZLHR produced a 6-page Summary Analysis of Independent Complaints Commission Bill, 2020, which assesses if the proposed amendments are indeed reasonably justifiable in a democratic society or undermine the objectives that are set out in the Constitution.

Apparently, Zimbabwe security forces have allegedly been known for being brutal against citizens.

In most cases, members of the public have nowhere to report, as they find it useless to report the police to the police.

If instituted the envisaged Commisssion which should be neutral would provide citizens an avenue to seek redress when abused by security forces.