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Zimra burnt down, Masvingo-Beitbridge Road Closed, Cars set on fire, ZRP police run for cover as they lose border war..Images

Zimra werehouse building has been set on fire by protesters in Beitbridge.

The highway between Masvingo and Beigtbridge has also been closed.

A source at the scene told zwnews.com that Zimbabwe Republic Police(ZRP) were outnumbered and had to run for cover in the face of courageous and fearless protesters.

The Zimbabwe South Africa border has seen many violent protests in the past week following the banning of goods imported from South Africa by Zimbabwe customs officials.

Hundreds of South African and Zimbabwean protesters carried banners with the words: “Mugabe must go”.

A number of cars and seized goods were burnt to ashes in the fire..see photos



zimra warehouse burnt in beitbridge in zimbabwe www.zwnews.comzimra warehouse burnt in beitbridge

beitbridge border closed pictures today newsbeitbridge border closed pictures todaybeitbridge border closed pictures

Meanwhile Zimbabwe has seen an increase in lone protesters whose message is #Mugabe Must Fall..see pics below. Yesterday former Zanu PF youth leader insulted President Mugabe in a video tape recorded in Harare.

A source  in Zanu PF told zwnews.com reporters that; “these ‘Mugabe must leave’ protesters are a small problem and do not bother authorities who are preoccupied with the possibility of street battles with  thousands of unpaid civil servants,” said the source on condition of anonymity.

“What is very worrying is that a number of solo protesters are card carrying Zanu PF rebels with no affiliation to Zimbabwe’s known opposition parties,” said the source.

MUGABE MUST FALL :PiCTURES and photos www.zwnews.com

Mugabe must fall