Pictures from the chaotic scenes at Beitbridge Border Post Crossing sent shock waves in Zimbabwe’s corridors of power amidst reports that the senior police officer in charge of the border town is in hot soup after his ZRP officers were defeated by protesters who barricaded roads and set ZIMRA offices and a number of cars on fire. is reliably informed that property worthy over 10 million dollars was burnt to ashes by angry protesters on Friday.

Today there is a clean up closely monitored by the Zimbwe National Army and Zimbabwe Police who are on high alert to prevent the border war from spreading all over the country.

We have been asked many times here: Is Beitbridge Border Post Crossing safe to travel today? Well from the situation we saw yesterday, it is safe for now.

There is calm and no violence reported from either South Africa or Zimbabwe side as of yesterday afternoon.

Travellers should however do own checks and phone immigration and customs officials if in any doubt.

Zimra warehouse set on fire during the disturbances at the Beitbridge Border Post on Friday