The fourth Covid-19 (coronavirus) death of a Zimbabwean at Westend Hospital in Harare yesterday is a grim precursor to the impending disaster that the southern African nation will plunge in, with people dying like flies, a former cabinet minister has said.
Speaking in Kwekwe yesterday, former Health and Child Welfare deputy minister, Dr Henry Madzorera said there has been downright negligence on the part of both the general citizenry and President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s adminstration to fully commit to the Covid-19 fight.
Madzorera said it was mysterious that the fourth Covid-19 death was recorded at Westend Hospital where patients of various ailments are admitted instead of Wilkins which specifically deals with Covid-19 related ailments.
“It should worry us that the latest Covid-19 death occurred at Westend,” Madzorera said.
“The authorities must ensure that all Covid-19 patients are placed at Wilkins and other isolation centres. Tichafa senhunzi muno tikaramba tichishanda nenzira idzodzi (we will die enmasse if we continue to operate like this),” he said.
Zimbabwe is roughly nine days away from ending the extended 35-day national lockdown declared by Mnangagwa to curb the spread of the ravaging pandemic in the perrenially struggling southern African country.