South Africa based Zimbabwe comedian Baba Tencen said people are experiencing a tough situation that no one knows when it will end.

He urged all political parties, business people and entrepreneurs  to donate food to the people other than masks because people won’t eat masks.

To political leaders, he said they must give back to the people because they are the ones who supported them to be where they are  by voting them into power.

Many Zimbabweans in South Africa and neighboring countries are living in desperation after their hosts  implemented lockdowns with many requesting to be repatriated home.

He sent a strong message to prophets, celebrity pastors and politicians who “spend millions on cars and weapons of war but they can not do the same to protect citizens from covid-19”.

Born Pepukai Zvemhari, Baba Tencen as he became known online rose to fame with his “Ungandidii” catch phrase which he used in the videos posted online. Most of baba Tencen’s videos portrayed immigrant life in South Africa as significantly better for Zimbabweans compared to the life back home.