The ruling party through one of its social media handles, ZANU PF Patriots has urged Zimbabweans to ignore Aljazeera ‘Gold Mafia’ expose Part 2 set to be broadcasted today.

The ruling party says it is a waste of internet data to follow the ‘Gold Mafia’ Part 2 to be beamed online.

“Avoid wasting data again today,” said ZANU PF Patriots through its microblog Twitter handle.

The first part of the documentary implicated President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s allies like Uebert Angel and Henrietta Rushwaya.

Apparently, President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba has reportedly threatened the media against reporting about the matter, saying journalists will be arrested and sent to jail.

And Norton Independent Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa has told Charamba to shut up.

“George Charamba should be quiet& focus on his job instead of flapping around as he is doing. You are now losing it. I used to respect you& your work in the past but you are now losing it. Certain positions require a particular decorum unlike your actions. Respect us as a people.

“You have just been assigned to that OPC office as a retirement place just like many there. Zera rako iroro kufamba naPresident kutora mapicture ne ipad. Don’t you have young people to do that? Makutijairira manje.

“So many reckless statements you have been spewing. How do you threaten journalists with jail for their jobs? If you want to be a politician go and stand in Buhera zvakaita Mugwadi izvo. Your statements are not helping the Gvt in any way. If you have lost the finesse go home!

“Don’t you know how to behave as an old person in such a position. Have you ever seen your boss Misheck Sibanda speaking the way you do?

“It’s better that you retire when at the top of your game than degrade yourself into this obtuse character,” he says.