Tadiwanashe Mavetera, a brilliant student who obtained 10 As in his A-Level exams and 20 As in his O-Level exams, has been accepted at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States to study Quantum Physics.

Although he is still awaiting the processing of his financial aid application, Tadiwanashe remains optimistic about fulfilling his dream.

He had always hoped to attend a top university like MIT, Harvard or Stanford, where he can pursue his passion for Quantum Physics and ultimately contribute to Zimbabwe’s economic development in the field of Quantum technology.

In an interview, Tadiwanashe said his dream was coming true.

“There is progress. I was accepted at MIT, but for now I am at home.

“I applied for financial aid there and they are still processing it.

“I was also promised a scholarship by some potential well-wishers,” said Tadiwanashe.