United Family International Church (UFIC) founder and leader, Emmanuel Makandiwa, says Zimbabweans need to be prayed for so that they are able to see good things being done by President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his regime.

He implored Zimbabweans to appreciate the good work being done by the President Mnangagwa led second republic.

Addressing his followers at the Chitungwiza Basilica on Sunday also attended by ZANU PF national Political Commissar, Mike Bimha and his wife, Makandiwa singled out roads rehabilitation, dams construction and airport expansion, as some of the good things being done.

But bemoaned that such things are not being ‘preached’ hence some people are not able to appreciate these good things.

“Not much is being said concerning the developments taking place and we are behind in terms of marketing ourselves globally. There is a lot that has to be known about us.

“… As men of God, we need to deal with the cloud that hovers around this country because if it is not removed, the citizens will remain under that cloud.

“There is need for prayer to be raised so that people can begin to appreciate good things,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bimha’s visit followed directive by President Mnangagwa during his visit to the church during the Easter Holiday that he was supposed to frequently visit UFIC.

In his address, Bimha urged UFIC as well as other churches to continue praying for peace and unity in the country.

He said: “Unity is what we seek from Prophet Makandiwa and your church, and we ask you to pray for us.

“It is through your prayers that we are still living in peace. Other countries have wars every time.”