Exiled former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo says remittance paying Zimbabweans in diaspora should be allowed to vote.

Moyo says the assumption within ZanuPF that the Diaspora would overwhelmingly vote against it, is more an expression of fear than reality.

He says whoever who is going to implements diaspora vote in Zimbabwe, will reap electoral benefits.

He says this is one lesson that Zimbabwe need to learn from the Kenyan elections.

“One lesson from the 2022 Kenyan elections – which culminated in today’s swearing in of William Ruto as Kenya’s fifth President – is for countries like Zimbabwe to treat their remittance-paying Diasporans as a province, to enable them to vote only in presidential elections,” he says.

He adds: “Kenya has 47 counties. In an election, Kenyans in the Diaspora are treated as the 48th county but they vote only in the presidential election; not in local or parliamentary elections. Applied to Zim, the Diaspora would be the 11th province, only for the presidential election!”