Image credit: Newshawks

Zimbabweans gathered at Shell Ultra City, N1, on the South African side of the border as they resolutely push to go deeper into the country amid a crackdown on undocumented immigrants by South African Home Affairs, police and military.

Meanwhile, this is the fuelling tensions across the Limpopo River.

SA is home to thousands if not millions of Zimbabweans some of them undocumented.

In the turn of the millennium, a lot of Zimbabweans trooped to the neighbouring country in search of greener pastures as the local economy sank amid rampant corruption.

Harare is on record blaming sanctions imposed on it by Western countries chiefly, the UK and the US.

But, critics maintain that corruption is doing the country more harm than sanctions.

They accuse President Emmerson Mnangagwa of on being sincere in fighting graft.

Zwnews/ Newshawks