Zwnews Chief Correspondent

The need to get the Zimbabwean economy back on its feet once again is seemingly settling in among citizens, as the nation ponders the next move after elections.

The tension before and after elections is now a fading picture, getting fainter and fainter with each passing day, and setting space for an economic narrative. President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been calling for the nation to work hard, embrace unity, and switch on the economic mode for the country to move forward.

As the case may be, many Zimbabweans seem to be singing the same tune with Mnangagwa, most recently, leaders from the business community in the country held a breakfast meeting at a local hotel in Harare to chat the way forward, amid plans to engage the President in order to set the economic gear turning once again.

The common narrative to come out of the meeting was finding ways to build the foundation of the economy, and a call for government to play its part honestly, by creating an enabling environment needed for business to flourish.

Commenting on the need for reviving the economy, prominent industrialist and Chief Executive Officers Africa Roundtable, Chairperson Oswell Binha said now that election are gone it is high time government put its acts together, and allow experts to look into how the it spend its revenues, received through sources such as corporate taxes.

‘Government should create the facilitating environment, and economists, businesses run the economy’ was the common denominator from the gathering of the captains of industry.

Meanwhile MDC-Alliance president Nelson Chamisa, agrees with both the captains of industry, and Mnangagwa on the need to get the nation going once again, he however believes in the truth on the issues affecting the country today giving precedence to the economic narrative.

“National building and modernising Zimbabwe to move forward needs truth, dialogue, healing, peace, and citizens’ consensus based on good governance and human rights,” he says through his twitter account.

Chamisa adds that elections and politics should leave citizens better and not bitter, and that to end all disputes the country needs a package of legal and political reforms to transform the way the state and polls are run.