Political Reporter Simba Moyo

Working under the banner of Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, the country’s youths have organised themselves with a view to seriously engage into participating in issues of national importance such as elections, in order to determine their own future.

The country’s now dismayed youths said they will continue to undertake political advocacy work, as well as a joint political education campaign, that will go beyond elections, with the aim to develop an engaged and active youth citizenry that will leverage the political transition, protect, and consolidate democratic gains.

In a statement released yesterday Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition Youth, said it is deeply concerned about the political, economic, and social crisis in the country that was caused by the current leaders’ incompetence and lack of clear vision.

The youths of Zimbabwe said after deliberations, it was agreed to intensify efforts to call for electoral reforms, roll out informative voter mobilisation, foster the electorate’s understanding of BVR system, and organise campaigns and push for the realisation of social and economic justice.

“We will convene a Youths Charter, which will guide young people’s demands for the redress of the crisis. The charter will also amplify the young people’s voices on the rule of law, human rights, and constitutionalism.

“We will hold the government accountable. Our priority is on social service delivery, employment, access to education, basic health, as well as equal access to broader economic opportunities,” read part of the statement.

They said they are opposed to the privatisation of social services and austerity measures targeting social services, a move that would see such services being taken as products for profit, and would render them inaccessible to many.

The statement was signed by more than 20 of youths organisations in Zimbabwe that include; Achieve Your Goal trust, Bulawayo Youths Arise, Combined Restitution Association for Zimbabwean Youths, Female Students Network, Platform for Youths Development, Youth Agenda Trust, among others.

Meanwhile, youths in Zimbabwe have over the years been silent in issues of political governance of the country. In most cases they had been reluctant in registering to vote, a move seen by analysts as a major letdown in determining their own destiny.