Zimbabwe came up for debate in the United Kingdom’s Parliament, The House of Commons yesterday, over alleged choked democratic space, as country heads for polls.

Members of Parliament expressed concern over the continued human rights violations in the Southern African country.

They call for an end to political persecution singling out cases of Job Sikhala and 6 members of the Zimbabwe National Students Union who were arrested for demonstrating against Sikhala’s continued incarceration and denial to bail.

When President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa came to power through a military coup in 2017, he promised to end the country’s isolation.

Zimbabwe has been sanctioned and sidelined over human rights abuses, which continued under Mnangagwa thereby detailing his so-called re-engagement efforts.

Critics say respecting the rule of law, the Zimbabwean constitution and securing the rights and safety for all Zimbabweans is key for meaningful international re-engagement.

Zimbabwe wants to go back to the Commonwealth, a grouping of mainly former British colonies, and the global community of nations after it was rendered a pariah state by Mugabe.