A HARARE woman claims her husband has been abusing her since their marriage in 1984.

Auxilia Kupara applied for a peace order against her husband, Peter Tutai, accusing him of constant abuse.

He married her when she already had a child from a previous relationship.

Her son is now 41years old.

“He calls me a prostitute who had an illegitimate child, and insults me in public saying I am following in my mother’s footsteps.

“He chased me from our house with my grandchildren saying that a prostitute should sleep outside.”

She said Peter was in the process of selling their Ushewokunze stand given to them by their housing cooperative.

Peter denied the accusations.

“I took care of her child until he completed Form Four and now he steals my property.

“I chased him two months ago.

“In marriage, couples exchange words, but I never assaulted her,” said Peter.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira granted her the peace order.